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  What You'll Learn in This Course

In our course, we will first go through the components of the plan. Then, second, we’ll help you bring it together into one Marketing Plan.

We’ll provide plenty of worksheets and templates to help you through each section. But our goal for you is not to fill in templates. Rather it is to give you a tool set that will enable your strategy forward.

You will be given a robust set of recommendations to further your knowledge base. This will include links to free online newsletters (the ones we use daily), books and free or low cost tools.

Finally, we own the goal of providing you with a differentiated learning experience. Like a customer, you will decide whether we’ve met expectations. We hope you will fill out our survey and provide us with feedback and recommendations on how we can improve this course.

Of course, we’re open to questions in real time as well. We very much appreciate the time and trust you have given us.

Thank you!